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PSR, PSRP and PSRPL Pump Start Relays

for Optimum Pump Performance and Protection

The Rain Bird PSR, PSRP and PSRPL Series pump start relays offer the protection and reliability that your irrigation system needs when using a pump to pull water from an external water source like a pond, creek, low pressure potable water source or rain water harvesting container. Our complete line of pump protection series offers a specific solution for every application.

You can rely on the Universal Rain Bird Pump Start Relays (PSR’s) to provide worry free performance for your irrigation system. The Universal model is compatible with all Rain Bird and other reliable irrigation controllers.

Choose the PSRP for dry-run protection. By adding a pressure switch you will have additional protection in the event that you lose water pressure from your source of water. The pressure switch will start a timer when pressure is lost and if it does not regain pressure before the timer times out, the pump will stop. The Pump will re-start when normal conditions are met.

Choose the PSRPL if your irrigation system is operating through a water harvesting system or some other source that requires level control. This control feature will prevent the pump from running if the source is depleted. A float switch prevents the pump from operating until the water rises back to a safe level.

Choose the pump protection series that is right for your system and enjoy the results of a green, luscious and healthy landscape for years to come.