R-VAN Full LIne

A Complete Line of R-VAN Rotary Nozzles -- New for 2018

Get ready for the next generation in nozzle design. The R-VAN line is engineered to deliver the most efficient coverage while making installation and maintenance faster and easier. Rotary nozzles have evolved. It’s time to move irrigation forward. It’s time to advance with R-VAN.

Home Feature - ESP-Me & LNK

Smart Watering Made Simple in the Controllers You Already Know

Rain Bird's WiFi-ready controllers put you in control, anywhere in the world! Combine the LNK WiFi Module with the ESP-Me or ESP-TM2 for a state-of-the-art control solution.

Home Feature - Drip Retrofit Kit

Spray to Drip Retrofit Kit

The easiest and fastest way to convert a traditional spray zone into a water-saving drip irrigation zone.


Bring Big Savings to Larger Zones

Introducing the 1.5" Inline Control Zone Kit. Delivering a flow rate up to 62 gpm and a design that minimizes friction loss, it's the best option to save time and money when installing larger commercial drip or spray irrigation zones.

XLR Series Water Jets

Introducing Rain Bird® XLR Series Water Jets

The world's most advanced long-range impact rotor.