IC System™

IC System

A Revolutionary Approach to Field Control.

With an integrated control module built into every rotor, the Rain Bird® IC System™ delivers revolutionary control and diagnostics for every single head while also eliminating the challenges of satellites and decoders. This proven innovation takes real-time response and easy-to-use control to a powerful new level, saving you time and money during installation, everyday operation and future expansions.

Streamlined Installation and Expansion

  • Cut installation cost and time by eliminating unneeded wire, trenching and splices.
  • Minimize labor costs during expansion by simply connecting new IC rotors to any existing Maxi Wire

Pinpoint Diagnostics and Control

  • Check the status of up to 1,500 individual rotors in 90 seconds or less.
  • Narrow in on problems and resolve issues quickly to prevent turf damage and unnecessary labor costs.
  • Bring greater precision and water savings to areas requiring supplemental watering (hot spots, greens, grow‑ins).

Simplified Design

  • By eliminating up to 90% of the wire and all decoders and satellites, IC System protects the aesthetics of your course while streamlining installation, maintenance and expansion.