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Rain Bird® ClimateMinder™ &
ESP-LX Series Controllers

Saving Time and Water Simplified

Design and build the irrigation control system you want using only the components you need. ESP-LX Series Controllers combine modularity with advanced water management and Extra Simple Programming.

And now, both controllers come with built-in cellular modem allowing remote access through Rain Bird® ClimateMinder™ web interface on any web-enabled computer or device such as iPhone or iPad.


What I like best about the ESP-LXD controller is the fact it’s very user-friendly… a very simple interface with the dial and very minimal button usage. It gives you every bit of information you want in just a few turns."
Mark Lung, Senior Project Manager, Weigelt Enterprises


Unprecedented Flexibility
Modular designs make the ESP-LXD and ESP-LXME perfect for a range of small to large projects - from the straightforward to the most complex. Choose from a variety of station counts, accessories and optional features, only paying for what you need now—with the option of adding more in the future.

Decoder or Traditionally Wired Control Options

The Rain Bird® ESP-LXD combines the efficiency of two-wire control with trusted Extra Simple Programming. The ESP-LXD offers the ability to expand from 50 stations to up to 200 stations.

The ESP-LXME takes traditionally wired control to the next level. Enjoy water-saving features, a time-saving user interface and the ability to add more stations than ever before. Go from eight to 48 stations with four module slots compatible with 8-station or 12-station modules.

ESP-LX Series Controllers Brochure

ESP-LXD Controller Tech Spec – English
Get to know this innovative controller’s benefits, features, dimensions and other key information, including how to specify.

ESP-LXD Controller Manual – English
Find everything you need to know about the ESP-LXD, including how to install, program and troubleshoot this powerful water management tool.