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D Series Pump Stations

Horizontal End Suction

  • 5 to 20 HP;
    Up to 130 psi (9.0 bar)
  • Up to 350 gpm
    (22.1 lps, 79.5 m3/h)

Vertical Multi-Stage

  • 3 to 15 HP;
    Up to 115 psi (7.9 bar);
  • Up to 200 gpm
    (12.6 lps, 45.4 m3/h)

Rain Bird’s single pump, Vertical Multi-Stage and Horizontal End Suction stations in powder-coated green enclosures are designed for small to midsize boost, flooded suction and suction lift applications such as city parks and buildings, sports fields, commercial buildings, small home owner’s associations and large residential sites. Its small footprint, durable centrifugal or multistage pump configuration, and choice of options make it an ideal choice for Turf irrigation applications.

  • Reliability – Integrated Plug-n-Pump provide single source responsibility for the entire pumping system insuring trouble-free installation and operation.
  • Energy efficient – Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) maintains constant pressure at varying flow demand.
  • Inlet and discharge isolation valves for easier mechanical serviceability.
  • Reliability – Simple, standard design, easy installation and maintenance.

Standard Features

  • Mechanical Features

    - Inlet Butterfly Isolation Valve

    - Discharge Butterfly Isolation Valve

    - Silent Check Valve

  • Pressure / Flow

- Stainless Steel Pressure Transducer

- Flow Switch

  • Enclosures / External Connections

- Polyester Powder Coated Steel Enclosure

- Polyester Powder-Coated Steel Deck and Piping

- Re-Prime Piping (Suction Lift only)

- Thermostat and Fan on Mechanical Enclosure

  • Pump Control

- Pump Start Relay

- VFD - Variable Frequency Drive for Control of Pressure

  • Display

- Monochrome Touch Screen Display