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Low Flow Control Zone Kits with Anti-Siphon Valve and PR Filter

Control Zone Components

Reliable Control Zone Kits that include the Low Flow Valve, the only valve on the market that can handle low flows (below 3gpm) without weeping.

Complete, two-piece Control Zone Kits include the field-proven Low Flow Anti-Siphon Valve that has an atmospheric vacuum breaker for backflow prevention and an IAPMO rating.

These PR Filter kits provide on/off control, filtration, and pressure regulation with only two parts; so there is less chance of leakage at the connections, both at installation and over the life of the system.

Three-year trade warranty.


3/4" Low Flow Anti-Siphon Valve
with 3/4" PR RBY Filter

200 Mesh Stainless Steel
Replacement Screen


Operating Range

  • Flow: 0.20 to 5.0 GPM (0.8 to 18.9 l/m)
  • Inlet Pressure: 20 to 150 psi (1.4 to 10.3 bar)
  • Regulated Pressure: 30 psi (2.1 bar)
  • Filtration: 200 mesh (75 micron)

Pressure Loss Chart

In order to supply 30 psi (2.1 bars) outlet pressure, additional pressure is needed at the inlet since there is some pressure loss from water flowing through the kit. The amount of pressure loss depends on the flowrate.

The charts below list the minimum inlet pressure required to supply 30 psi (2.1 bars) of outlet pressure.

Minimum Inlet Pressure for 30 psi Outlet Pressure
Flow (gpm) Inlet pressure (psi)
0.2 34.4
1.0 36.1
3.0 38.1
5.0 43.4


Minimum Inlet Pressure for 2.1 bar Outlet Pressure
Flow l/m Inlet Pressure (bar)
0.8 2.4
3.8 2.5
11.4 2.6
18.9 3.0