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Protect your turf. Protect your players. Protect your reputation.

With a complete line of irrigation products and leading support, Rain Bird can help you care for your turf like no other manufacturer can. With Rain Bird, you’ll benefit from innovative technologies designed to deliver superior turf, while helping you save time, money, and water. You’ll also have access to a team of experts who can create a custom water-management solution.

Day in and day out, Rain Bird can help ensure your sport turf performs at its best.

Through consistent watering, you and Rain Bird can provide your athletes the best possible playing conditions. Our patented nozzles offer wind-resistant water droplets and even coverage, preventing brown spots and inconsistent footing. For artificial turf, Rain Bird’s long-range performance can help you maintain a cool, clean, and playable field.

Explore Rain Bird's line of products below and see how Rain Bird can help you maximize playability for years to come. Or fill out the simple form above and a Rain Bird representative will contact you to discuss your needs in more detail.

The RD1800 Spray Head is built to last in the harshest environments. Designed with chlorine resistant materials and debris protection, the RD1800 can withstand harsh reclaimed and dirty water applications. With a 100psi pressure rating, you can ensure they will hold up on pump applications with fluctuating pressures”.

Rain Bird’s High Efficiency Variable Arc Nozzle (HE-VAN) is the only 0 to 360 degree fully adjustable high efficiency spray nozzle ideal for turf areas. With its high distribution uniformity and low scheduling coefficient, zones can be setup to minimize run times and reduce wasted water.

Rain Bird’s Rotary Variable Arc Nozzle (RVAN) is the only tool-free hand-adjustable variable arc rotary nozzle. With its large water streams and droplets, these nozzles perform great even in windy locations. With its 0.60 in/hour precipitation rate, the RVAN nozzle strikes a perfect balance between low precipitation needs and lower zone run times.

Rain Bird Commercial Central Control systems provide solutions to the many challenges faced by sports facility managers. Our solution saves water and time while giving you the ability to control every drop of water that touches the landscape and manage the complex pump systems. There will never be a concern that the sports field will not be ready for the big game and that the landscape won’t look it’s finest.

Rain Bird Rotors are designed to cover every position on your field. Featuring unmatched Rain Curtain ™ Technology, Rain Bird rotors provide superior coverage, easy adjustment and lower costs while using less water. Give Rain Bird rotors a try today. Your turf will thank you.

Rain Bird Pump Stations are designed and manufactured for both new construction projects and can be custom built for tough-to-fit renovation projects. All pump stations deliver powerful solutions to meet your application needs. Remote control and monitoring of the pump, pressure and flow monitoring, and Variable Frequency Drives for energy savings are just a few of the benefits of a Rain Bird pump system.

There are three reasons to water natural turf.

  1. Keep it healthy. Regularly scheduled watering promotes deep-root growth, leading to firmer footing conditions and a more visually appealing sports field.
  2. Keep it playable. Healthy, resilient turf is able to stand up to the rigors of frequent games and practices.
  3. Keep it affordable. Consistent irrigation prevents hot spots that can require additional care and maintenance, freeing up your crew and budget for other projects.

There are three reasons to water synthetic turf.

  1. Keep it cool. In a hot climate, irrigation can decrease surface temperature by 33 percent, increasing your players’ comfort and reducing odor from recycled rubber.
  2. Keep it clean. Regular irrigation can deter the development of bacteria, reducing the possibility of player infection.
  3. Keep it safe. Players prefer irrigated playing surfaces, as they offer a softer playing surface with limited friction, which leads to less skin burns and fewer injuries.

But there’s only one complete solution: Rain Bird.


Enhance safety by preventing overwatering.

Sloppy field conditions can lead to poor play and even injuries. But a Rain Bird system promotes safe, reliable conditions by watering evenly and shortening your watering window, so your turf is ready for action when your players take the field. Rain Bird’s complete solution is also designed to become a seamless part of your turf to protect your athletes and aesthetics.

Stay within budget by saving time, money, and water.

You want to cut costs and water use. Rain Bird is uniquely prepared to help. Pressure regulating systems optimize flow rate to conserve water. Powered by current weather data, Rain Bird controllers only irrigate when the landscape requires it, saving you additional time and water. And Rain Bird offers a host of other innovative technologies designed to make the most of every water drop—and budget.

Be confident with industry-leading support.

Our team of experts can help assess your unique challenges and opportunities, then craft a plan that’s right for you. We offer a variety of design tools, including blueprints and a comprehensive irrigation product legend. Once your system is in place, we’ll stand behind it with world-class service and support.







World-Class Soccer Stadiums, Brazil

Eleven regional soccer stadiums recently constructed to host the largest international soccer tournaments in Brazil will rely on Rain Bird irrigation systems to provide best-in-class system control and precise, uniform irrigation. Rain Bird Brazil's team of experienced professionals provided designs and specifications, and managed the installation of these systems along with local distributors, contractors and consultants.

Download the Brazil Soccer Stadiums Site Report, English (PDF)
Download the Brazil Soccer Stadiums Site Report, Spanish (PDF)

Schreiner University Men's Soccer Field, Kerville TX

Schreiners soccer field was literally a "ground-breaking" project, converting existing overhead rotor irrigation to subsurface drip irrigation across 24 zones using 48,000 LF of drip tubing. Within 30 days it was solid green again and within another 30 days the surface was fully playable.

Download the Schreiner University Site Report (PDF)

Washington, D.C. Department of Parks and Recreation

The Washington D.C. Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) is responsible for maintaining 115 natural turf athletic fields at 75 different sites. These fields are heavily used by community sports and recreation organizations throughout the metropolitan area. Learn how Rain Bird's ESP-LXME Modular Controllers and IQ™ v2.0 Central Control System offered DPR the perfect control solution for remote irrigation management without requiring a large, lump sum investment.

PDF Download the Washington DC Dept of Parks and Recreation Site Report (PDF)

Infinity Park and Infinity Park South - Glendale, Colorado

A densely populated Denver "inburb," the Glendale community has a high demand for athletic fields and green spaces. The 5,000-seat Infinity Park represents the first rugby-dedicated municipal stadium in the U.S., while the 12-acre Infinity Park South features synthetic athletic fields and vast recreational space.

PDF Download the Site Report (PDF)

Boston Univ. Softball Field - Boston, Massachusetts

Boston University is a private research university located in Boston, Mass. With more than 4,000 faculty members and 31,000 students, Boston University stands as one of the largest private universities in the United States and one of the city's largest employers.

PDF Download the Site Report (PDF)


Sports Field Designs & Drawings

Rain Bird detail drawings for Sports Field Irrigation products are now available in two popular formats:  DWG for AutoCad users, and PDF for easy viewing and printing.

Plans are available for baseball, football, soccer, tennis, lacrosse and little league fields.

Visit the Sports Fields Designs page.