See how much water and money you can save.

Typical users can save approximately one gallon per minute per rotor or spray with Rain Bird PRS featuring Flow Optimizer technology. But there's a chance you'll save even more based on your unique landscape and situation. To calculate how much water and money you'll save, please click a calculator below:

5000/5000 Plus PRS Rotors: 5 Easy Steps to Calculate Water Savings     

1800-PRS Sprays: 6 Easy Steps to Calculate Water and Cost Savings    

*In this conservative scenario, total system savings of 106,000 gallons based on landscape with 75 psi inlet pressure and watering that occurs 4 days a week, 40 weeks per year. System has 15 Rain Bird® 5000 PRS Rotors, each with a 3 gpm nozzle, and 20 Rain Bird® 1800 PRS Sprays, each with a 15H nozzle. Rotors run for 30 minutes a day, while sprays run for 15 minutes a day.