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If your site's radio communication equipment matches any of these models, you may be required to convert to a narrow band model before the FCC's mandated deadline. Contact your distributor for an assessment and upgrade quote.

FRX-450 Model Repeater

RR-454 Model Repeater

Johnson Data Telemetry Radio
















FCC Deadline = January 1, 2013

Wide Band Repeater Replacement Program

GSP Services now offers an upgrade path for irrigation professionals to replace their wide band style Rain Bird FREEDOM System™ repeaters and LINK™ radios. Through the Wide Band Repeater Replacement Program from GSP Services, you trade in your existing wide band repeater for a current model Ritron® FRX-452 narrow band version through your local Rain Bird Central Control Distributor, who can provide you with pricing. Replacement LINK™ radios are also available from GSP Services through your local distributor. If you are a GSP member, be sure to ask your distributor for the special GSP member discount! Contact your distributor or GSP Services, at (866) GSP-XPRT or, with questions or for more assistance in determining your upgrade needs.



The Federal Communications Commission is mandating all Public Safety and Industrial/Business licensees convert existing 25 kHz (a.k.a. wide band) efficiency operations in the VHF and UHF bands to minimum 12.5 kHz (a.k.a. narrow band) efficiency analog or digital operation. To implement this mandate, the FCC developed rules and deadlines that impact both radio users and equipment providers.



January 1, 2011: Applications for new licenses must specify at least 12.5 kHz efficiency. The FCC will no longer accept applications for systems operating at 25 kHz efficiency. Applications for modifications of existing licenses to expand the authorized interference contour (19 dBu VHF, 21 dBu UHF) must specify at least 12.5 kHz efficiency. The FCC will no longer accept modifications for expansion of service areas to systems operating at 25 kHz efficiency. Changes that can trigger such expansion include increasing the antenna height, transmitter power, or adding or moving a transmitter site.

January 1, 2013: All licensees must convert to and operate in at least 12.5 kHz efficiency. Those who have not converted to narrow band mode may be open to enforcement action by the FCC, which could include warnings, fines, or even loss of licenses.The FCC has stated that this deadline will not be extended.



Repeater Models: RR-454 and FRX–450

LINK™ Radios: Johnson Data Telemetry wide band LINK™ radios



For More Information: See the above section.

Before Placing Your Upgrade Order: Contact your local Rain Bird Central Control Distributor to schedule an assessment of your current radio system. After an evaluation of your system, your distributor will be able to provide you with a quote for your upgrade order.

Placing Your Order: Contact your local Rain Bird Central Control Distributor. If you need assistance in contacting your distributor, call GSP Services at (866) GSP-XPRT.