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5 Easy Steps to Calculate Water Savings

Estimated Water Savings Using Rain Bird 1800-PRS Spray Heads

Water Savings
30 0.00
35 0.08
40 0.16
45 0.23
50 0.29
55 0.35
60 0.41
65 0.47
70 0.53

The Values in this chart were derived from Bernouli's equation (5.19). Please refer to Roberson/Crowe, Engineering Fluid Mechanics (Fourth Edition), Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston MA, 1990.

In the chart to the left, Bernoulli's equation was utilized to calculate the potential Water Savings Multiplier. This Multiplier represents the fraction of water that could be saved by operating standard spray heads at 30 psi.

Bernoulli's equation is used in engineering to predict fluid pressures within a body (for example, water pressures in an operating spray head). As these pressures change within a spray head, the spray pattern changes, resulting in less efficient utilization of the water flowing through the spray head.

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