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CLP Series Pump Station

High Value and Reliable Performance

Suction Lift Model

  • 5 HP Unit
    Up to 65 psi (4.5 bar)
  • Up to 140 gpm
    (8.8 lps, 31.8m3/h)

Boost Model

  • 5 HP Unit
    Up to 53 psi (3.7 bar)
  • Up to 120 gpm
    (7.6 lps, 27.3 m3/h)

The Rain Bird CLP Pump Station is a simple, 5 HP unit with a VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) designed for small-to-medium landscape sites.  This economical pump station is designed for boost / flooded suction and suction lift applications.  The CLP Series is a complete pump package that is simple to install and operate. It includes a professional-grade pump, variable frequency drive, an aluminum enclosure, highest quality pump protection, and an internal mounting bracket for a Rain Bird controller (sold separately).  Home owner associations, small sports fields, schools, parks, and small agricultural projects are ideal applications. The CLP Series compact design, durable centrifugal self-priming or boost pump, and ease of installation, make this a perfect solution for applications with flows up to 140 gpm (suction lift model) or up to 120 gpm (boost model).

Standard Features

  1. Variable Frequency Drive. Energy efficient – Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) maintains constant pressure at varying flow demand, allowing for drip, spray head and rotor zones to be supplied by a single pump station without individual zone pressure regulators.  Plus, the VFD allows for slow line-fill and ramp-up; minimizing pressure surges in your mainline pipe.

  2. Marine Grade Aluminum Deck and Enclosure. Professional appearance, security and environmental protection are provided by this robust aluminum enclosure and deck assembly.

  3. Built-in Controller Bracket and Pump Start Relay. The CLP is a complete Rain Bird system. Pre-drilled for ESP-Me, ESP-LXMe, and SP-LXD Series Controllers and includes a pump start relay. (Rain Bird controller purchased separately).

  • Plumbing Configurations
    • Suction-Lift Model; 2” – Discharge, 2 ½” Suction Port NPT
    • Boost Model; 2” – Discharge, 2” Intake NPT
  • Power
    • Available in single and three phase 208V, 220V, 230V VAC configurations
    • Fused main power disconnect
  • Mechanical Features
    • Isolation valve
    • Liquid filled pressure gauge
    • Rugged centrifugal pump
  • Enclosures / External Connections
    • Marine grade aluminum enclosure
    • Marine grade aluminum deck
    • Stainless Steel piping
    • Mounting bracket for Rain Bird Controllers (purchased separately)


  • Pump Start Relay
    • 6VDC, 12VDC
  • Surge Suppression Kit
    • Single Phase (208-230 VAC)
    • Three Phase (208-230 VAC)
  • Suction Lift Model Accessories
    • Foot valve
    • Intake screen
Part Number Model number / Description
CLP05VHASC1 CLP Pump Station – Suction-Lift
CLP05VBASC1 CLP Pump Station – Boost
CLPSES1P Surge Suppression Kit – Single Phase
CLPSES3P Surge Suppression Kit – Three Phase
CLPBSTSW Flow Start Kit - Boost Pumps only
CLPFTVLV4VF Foot Valve - 4" Vertical Flanged
CLPPSR06DC Pump Start Relay 6 VDC *
CLPPSR12DC Pump Start Relay 12 VDC *

* The standard CLP pump station includes a 24 VAC pump start relay which is compatible with Rain Bird controllers