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Packaged Systems for Irrigation Controls

Pre-assembled, tested and ready to install.

Rain Bird Packaged Systems for Irrigation Central ControlA Rain Bird Packaged System is an all-weather, custom designed, stainless steel or powder coated steel pedestal or wall mount enclosure that protects and contains your central control components for Maxicom, SiteControl, IQ, or any stand alone controller.  Packaged systems not only house your vital central control components but also include communication and surge suppression devices, as well as flow and weather sensor inputs.   

Rain Bird Corporation’s Packaged Systems are simple to specify, easy to install and are designed to keep your central control components safe from extreme weather elements, vandalism, pests, and other environmental hazards. Enclosures are available in pedestal and wall-mount versions, customized for your specific application. 

Each system comes pre-assembled, tested and ready to install for a true turn-key solution. Each unit is powered at the factory and undergoes a complete test to verify that all of the components are functioning properly. The installing contractor need only mount the enclosure and bring power and field wiring to factory-labeled connection points and you are up and ready to go.

Rain Bird will help you build a custom or standard system to meet your exact requirements using the most reliable components and proven assembly methods. We ship your packaged system backed with a worry free warranty that covers all of your packaged system components for five years. All packaged system assemblies are built in a UL panel shop, allowing a UL Listed or Non-UL Listed assembly per your requirements.

We have 35+ years of central control experience pioneering and creating innovative systems.  We take into account all your installation needs and provide a functional, user-friendly turn-key solution. Let the experts at Rain Bird configure, customize, and build the perfect system for you.

Standard and Customized Designs
Rain Bird will design, assemble, and ship each Packaged System to meet your exact requirements.

Durable and Weather Resistant
The NEMA-rated stainless steel and powdercoated steel enclosures ensure a professional appearance and provide assurance that all components are isolated from the elements. Each Packaged System design takes into account your installation and functional operating needs, so that the end result is a product that enables comfortable viewing, user-friendly operation, and clear accessibility.

Field Proven Components
All Packaged Systems are designed with Rain Bird’s 51+ years of irrigation control experience.

Standard designs include:

  • “Turn Key Solution” configurations for reducing the installation time by providing pre-wiring and pre-installation of components
  • NEMA Rated UL Enclosures selected for the specified service and environment (“P1” and “P7” enclosures are not UL listed)
  • UL Listed or Non-UL Listed assemblies are available. All assemblies are built in a UL panel shop
  • Lightning surge suppression for incoming power, phone, sensor, and two-wire path (as applicable)
  • Utility receptacle - GFCI
  • Electrical disconnect breaker switches – ensuring the ability to power-down when accessing powered components
  • Terminal blocks for all field wiring with push in connections
  • Functional testing and quality inspection is conducted for each unit, prior to shipment
  • Warranty – Rain Bird’s Professional Customer Satisfaction Policy covers all Packaged Systems components for a 5 year period

Communication Devices

  • Maxicom Central Control
    - Primary (computer to CCU/Site Sat) path can utilize Ethernet devices, 900 MHz radios, telephone modems and cellular modems in addition to a direct cable connection
    - Secondary (CCU to Sat) path can utilize Ethernet devices, 450-470 MHz and 900 MHz radios or a two-wire connection
  • SiteControl Central Control
    - Primary (computer to TWI/SDI/LDI) path can utilize Ethernet devices and 900 MHz radios in addition to a direct cable connection
    - Secondary path (TWI to Sat) can utilize Ethernet devices, 450-470 MHz and 900 MHz radios or a two-wire connection
  • IQ™ Central Control
    - Primary (computer to server satellite) path can utilize Direct Connect, Phone, Ethernet - Wired, Ethernet - Wi-Fi, Cell Modem in addition to 900 MHz spreadspectrum communication
    - Secondary (server satellite to client satellite) path can utilize Direct Connect or 900 MHz spread-spectrum radio communication

Surge Suppression Devices specified to minimize damage from lightning strikes and power surges. Solutions are available for two-wire path, decoders, phone line and other communication paths.

CamCluster – The CamCluster option is available for Link (450-470MHz) radio systems, enabling a common radio to be shared by local controllers.

Sensor, Flow and Weather Inputs – Flow monitors, pulse decoders, sensor decoders, and weather devices such as rain switches are easily integrated into the Packaged System’s designs, dependent upon the control system specified.

Panel Ventilation – Louvered vent cooling fan options are available for many enclosures.

Additional Inputs and Outputs – Lighting control and relay input/outputs can be monitored, turned on and off, or integrated into the Packaged System designs dependent upon the control system. Call for more information to discuss specific applications for custom engineered solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a “Packaged System?”

A Packaged System is an all-weather, custom designed, stainless steel or powder coated steel pedestal or wall mount enclosure containing Rain Bird Central Control components for Maxicom, Site Control, IQ or any stand alone controller.  Packaged Systems can also include communication devices, sensors and relays, as well as flow and weather sensor inputs.   

Why Purchase a Packaged System from Rain Bird? 

Rain Bird Corporation pioneered central control irrigation systems over 35 years ago and we remain the leader in central control today. We have extensive experience assembling the correct components to meet your exact irrigation project needs.  Our packaged systems are assembled with great care to ensure the highest quality and ease of use, helping you save time and money while providing customer satisfaction and safety.

What are Packaged Systems used for?

Packaged Systems are specifically designed to ensure the success of any irrigation control system by putting together all the critical components in a single enclosure. Everything is wired together using either satellite controllers that communicate with a central control system or stand alone controllers.  We configure each system to meet your specified communication method from your central computer to the packaged system at your site.  We also prepare and install flow sensing and monitoring devices that allow field input wiring to be connected directly in the enclosure and remain protected from all outside elements and potential hazards.

What are the limitations?

Depending on how many controllers and devices you would like to have in one specific place, we will help you find the right enclosure that can fit up to six different controllers and any flow monitoring or sensing device you need. We can help you configure a system that will work best for you depending on your central control system type and specific needs. 

What kind of Packaged Systems Enclosures are available?

We offer stainless steel or powder coated pedestal, or stainless steel wall mount designs.  We also offer light-duty stainless pedestal and wall mount configurations as well.  If you prefer, we can also build all the critical components on a back plane that you can simply mount on a wall or fixture without an enclosure.

What makes you better than the others who build enclosures with your controllers and components?

What makes these systems the best deal for you and your customer is that Rain Bird will engineer the entire system, include our five (5) year warranty, factory assemble (UL panel shop) and test each system based on your customer’s specifications. Each Rain Bird packaged system comes pre-assembled, tested and ready to install for a true turnkey solution -- the contractor only needs to mount the enclosure and bring power and field wiring to factory-labeled connection points which reduces installation time by providing pre-wiring and pre-installation of components. Rain Bird can work directly with you to provide your customer a hassle-free solution on their next central control or stand alone project.

If you have any questions or concerns, we are here to help and teach you how to use your system, allowing you to reach your ultimate savings and maximum efficiency goals.

Request for Quote Forms

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QRF-MAXI-LINK - Quote Request Form (QRF) for Maxicom/SiteControl Link/Radio communication projects

QRF-MAXI-TW - Quote Request Form (QRF) Maxicom/SiteControl two-wire communication projects

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