Literature & Manuals

Download the latest tech specs, instruction manuals, replacement parts lists, CAD specification drawings, and other literature for Rain Bird Golf Irrigation products by selecting one of the product families below. Most files have been formatted in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) for easy downloading and printing.

MI Series™ Mobile Controller
 MI Series User Manual (PDF: 2.56 MB)
 MI Series FREEDOM User Manual (PDF: 1.56 MB)
 MI Series Full Screen for iPhone (PDF:700 KB)
 Tech Specs (PDF: 131 KB)

WS-PRO2 Weather Station

Tech Specs (PDF: 78 KB)
WS-PRO2 Manual (PDF: 4 MB)
WS-PRO LT Manual (PDF: 1 MB)


Underground Hose Reels

 Interactive Guide
 Tech Specs (PDF: 246 KB)
Operating Instructions & Parts List (PDF: 1.4 MB)

Hose Reels

 Tech Specs (PDF: 246 KB)

Hose End Nozzles

 Tech Specs (PDF: 154 KB)

DB Series Wire Connector

Tech Specs / Ordering Info (PDF: 2.4 MB)

Lake Management Aerators

 LM Series User Manual (PDF: 478 KB)
 LM Series Service Manual (PDF: 3.13 MB)
 LMM Series User Manual (PDF: 278 KB)
 LMM Series Service Manual (PDF: 1.3 MB)

Rain Bird Algae Control System Transducer

ACS Algae Control System

 Rain Bird ACS Instruction Manual
 Rain Bird ACS Quick Reference Guide
 Rain Bird ACS Maintenance Guide
 Rain Bird ACS Facts and Specifications