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Vertical Turbine Pump Stations

VFD Pump Stations Custom Designed for Your Flow and Pressure Requirements

Providing Up to 1,500 GPM (340 m³/h) at 20 psi (8.3 bar)

For 60Hz/460V–575V applications

Providing Up to 273 m³/h at 8.3 bar

For 50Hz/380V–415V applications

The EV Twin Vertical Turbine Pump Stations are intended for standard wet‑well applications with a 48" (1.2 m) to 60" (1.5 m) diameter and a depth of either 12' (3.7 m) or 15' (4.6 m).

For use on golf courses, commercial and municipal sites utilizing a wet‑well and requiring the redundancy of a twin vertical turbine system to delver up to 1,500 GPM at 120 psi for 60Hz applications and up to 273 m³ at 8.3 bar for 50 Hz applications.

  • Easy Operator Training: Monochrome touch screen operator interface.
  • Easy Installation and Start-Up: All stations are wet‑tested prior to shipment.
  • No-Hassles: Purchase all irrigation system components from one supplier.
  • Air to Liquid Control Panel Heat Exchanger for maximum VFD life.
  • NEMA 4 Electrical Panel for maximum protection of electrical components.
  • RU Vertical Turbine Pump Motors.
  • Electrical Power Surge Protection.
  • Power-loss auto-restart ensures seamless operation on loss/regain of electrical power.
  • Modern electrical design employs industrial grade circuit breaker motor protection instead of outdated and expensive-to-replace fuses.
  • Complete skid and piping garnet‑blasted and powder‑coated for maximum corrosion resistance.
  • Pressure relief valve with butterfly isolation valve protects the station from over‑pressurization while ensuring serviceability.
  • Stainless steel pressure transducer for maximum durability.
  • Mechanical actuated air relief system to ensure smooth system operation.
  • Individual pump silent check valves and isolation valves.
  • Integral wet‑well service hatch.
  • Lake level floats prevent inadvertent dry‑running of vertical turbine pumps.
  • 3HP (2.2kW) Stainless Steel Pressure Maintenance Pump and Motor.
  • Non-Reverse Ratchets for Vertical Turbine Pump Motors
  • Magnetic Flow Meter
  • Wye Strainer
  • Premium Efficient Motors

Electrical Power Specifications

  • 60 Hz, 3-Phase Power: 230V (up to 60hp per pump), 460V, 575V
  • 50 Hz, 3-Phase Power: 190V (up to 60hp per pump), 380V, 415V
  • 60 Hz, 1-Phase Power: 230V (up to 30hp per pump)