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Underground Hose Reels


Rain Bird’s Underground Hose Reel is the best solution to accessing greens. The Underground Hose Reel makes syringing greens economical and efficient while cutting down on turf wear.

Hand-watering greens allows for a more direct and targeted application of water, especially during times of extreme heat or dry conditions.

An Underground Hose Reel leads to less interruption for golfers and maintains the course’s professional appearance. Grounds crews can move between greens without dragging a hose, which saves time, reduces employee fatigue and most importantly cuts down on turf wear.

The Underground Hose Reel is easy to install, use and maintain. Three hose lengths (50, 75 or 100 feet) allow enough flexibility for watering or syringing any green.


Hose reels let you put the hose where you need it, when you need it — improves efficiency and reduces clutter.


Tests prove hoses that are properly stored on a reel will last five (5) to seven (7) times longer; reduces downtime and replacement costs.


Hose reels make handling easier and more comfortable for workers over the course of a long day. Provides low hose tension during pullout and controlled return speed.


Hose reels keep hose out of the way when not in use. Eliminates tripping and safety problems.


  • Enhanced ability to preserve the conditions of golf courses by reducing course wear and tear, and turf damage from driving carts and dragging hoses across the playing surface.
  • Less interruption and inconvenience for golfers.
  • More professional look for golf courses; makes the course more playable by being less obtrusive than hoses left next to a fairway or near a green.
  • Maximizes labor efficiency by making the job of watering greens easier and less burdensome for greenskeepers. It saves time, reduces employee fatigue and takes the monotony out of the job.
  • Hand watering complements sprinkler watering and will provide a targeted water distribution to the green. Efficiently manage, preserve and protect the green from extreme exposures.
  • Provides the resources to react timely in urgent situations such as extreme heat stress, dry conditions and possible hydraulic oil leaks.
  • Irrigation system can be pressurized to act as a blower for leaves and other debris on greens: this will save time and allow for a much more effective mowing process (system must be hooked-up to a compressor and the water blown out).


  • 6" Diameter Cover: Provides quick access to water hose, yet nearly out‑of‑sight. Hose reel and enclosures sit just nine inches below grade level.
  • Brass Ball Valve: Allows system to remain fully charged for quick on/off water flow.
  • Bumper-Stop and Roller: Bumper-stop maintains proper length of hose in riser.
  • High Quality PVC Hose: Industrial grade PVC hose is specially blended for irrigation use.
  • Drainage Opening: The housing is open at the bottom to allow for drainage.
  • Anti-Jump Brackets: Anti-jump arms prevent the hose from slipping off the reel. Rollers insure smooth pulling action while guiding the hose onto the reel.
  • Corrosion-Resistant: Individual components are powder‑coated, stainless steel or aluminum to handle adverse conditions. Corrosion-resistant, stainless steel drive spring ensures long life.
  • Two-Piece Reel Enclosure: Rugged, high density polyethylene housing unit provides long-lasting permanent protection.
  • Ratchet Lock: A locking mechanism engages every three feet to maintain desired hose length outside unit.
  • Stainless Steel Cover: Corrosion-resistant cover allows quick and easy access to reel for maintenance.
  • Spring Retractable Hose Reel Includes: Hose with 1" (2.5 cm) or ¾" (1.9 cm) male hose thread, 5' (1.5 m) inlet hose with NPTF swivel fitting connection and latch ratchet.
  • Specially Designed Hose: Can remain pressurized at a normal operating pressure of 125 psi.