Rain Bird Golf Global Service Plans

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Protect your Investment

Your Rain Bird central control and irrigated turf system is the single most important course management tool you have.  You want to make sure your system continues to use water efficiently for years to come, and Rain Bird’s Global Service Plan (GSP) is here to help you achieve your goals.  A Global Service Plan gives you access to 24/7 phone support from GSP Engineers dedicated to help answer your questions, provide expert advice, and minimize your system’s downtime.

Peace of Mind 

Help is always available 24/7/365. Don’t waste your time or valuable resources.  Let our GSP Engineers get you back up and running quickly.

Fast Response and Resolution 

Through Remote Access and 24 hr. hardware replacement, problems are resolved quickly even on weekends and holidays.

Budget Control 

There are no unexpected costs when you have to replace covered central control components.  With a Standard or Seasonal GSP plan, you have a fixed periodic expense.  

MI Series™ Mobile Controller Software 

All current GSP Members are able to receive one professional and one advance license (Over $14,000 value) complimentary.  This will allow you to be able to connect to your central from any web enabled smart phone or tablet.

Payment Options

For golf course on a limited annual or monthly budget, we have monthly and annual payment options.  A golf course could also choose to do Rain Bird Financing for any Standard GSP Plan.  Are budget constraints still an issue? Ask about our GSP LIMITED Plan or Seasonal Plan and see if either would be a better fit.

Board Exchange Discounts

Replacing circuit boards is easy and affordable with our Board Exchange Program, and as a Global Service Plan customer, you will receive a 20% discount off list prices on all Board Exchange orders.
Ask your authorized Rain Bird Golf Distributor about our new lower board pricing.  

Rain Bird Global Service Plan - 866-477-9778

How to purchase a Global Service Plan

Contact your local Rain Bird Golf Distributor or contact us at (866) GSP-XPRT or gsp@rainbird.com to determine which plan fits your needs and budget. Your Rain Bird Golf Distributor will take care of ordering your GSP renewal plan and can discuss payment options with you upon request.

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