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Rain/Freeze Sensors

Never water in the rain again.

Rain Bird offers a range of rain and rain/freeze sensor options to complement your ESP-LXD Decoder Controller or ESP-LXME Controller. Through innovative features, these sensors save time, improve system performance and can enhance your reputation as a water management expert.



WR2 Wireless Rain and Rain/Freeze Sensor

Through reliable signal transmission and other innovations, this wireless sensor delivers superior responsiveness to rainfall and cold temperatures, while user-friendly features cut installation and programming time in half. Choose your own rainfall set points and save up to 35% on water usage while promoting lush, beautiful landscapes. Learn more about the WR2 Wireless Rain and Rain/Freeze Sensor.

RSD Series Rain Sensor

The Rain Bird® RSD Series Rain Sensor automatically shuts off your sprinkler system when it rains, so you don’t have to worry when you’re home or away. This wired sensor easily connects to your ESP-LX Series Controller. Learn more about the RSD Series Rain Sensor.

Rain Bird® ESP-LXME Controller

Fully compatible with Rain Bird® Rain/Freeze Sensors, the Traditionally Wired ESP-LXME Controller offers optional flow sensing and ET Management with modular station capacity from 8 to 48 stations. Learn more about the ESP-LXME Controller.

Rain Bird® ESP-LXD Decoder Controller

Combine a Rain Bird® Rain/Freeze Sensor with the ESP-LXD Controller to deliver powerful, weather-sensitive control for larger commercial sites. Expandable for up to 200 stations, ESP-LXD combines Extra Simple Programming with an efficient 2-wire path. Flow Management is also built in to every ESP-LXD. Learn more about the ESP-LXD Decoder Controller.