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2010 Tournament of RosesĀ® Parade

Throughout the ages mankind has been captivated by the grandeur, beauty and harmony of the natural world and its vivid array of floral and fauna. On New Year's Day, Rain Bird celebrated the very important ecological and conservation advancements currently underway that are helping to make the rainforests of Africa a healthier and safer place for the endangered Mountain Gorillas - the shy and peace-loving gentle giants of the ape world.

Rain Bird's 2010 float entry featured a family of magnificent primates, one of man's closest relatives, lazily basking amid waterfalls and fresh water pools in the cool mist of the mountainous rainforests. In celebration of the arrival of spring, symbolic of both new and continuing life, infant and juvenile gorillas frolic under the protective care of their parents surrounded by colorful and exotic botanical gardens framed with over 30,000 hot pink Revel roses.

A colorful yellow-bill Hornbill, two Buff-headed Hoopoe birds with distinctive "crowns" of head feathers and an iridescent Green Wood Hoopoe are delicately perched overhead with fluttering butterflies framing the floral setting. Majestic wildlife and refreshing cascading waterfalls in this exotic botanical setting vividly represent Rain Bird's commitment to water conservation and its concern for endangered species and the habitats in which they live throughout the world.

Rain Bird Rose Parade Minute - Awesome!

Rain Bird Rose Parade Minute - Ready for Riders

Rain Bird Rose Parade Minute - Drawings Coming To Life

Rain Bird Rose Parade Minute - Hail to the Rose Queen

Rain Bird's 2010 Rose Parade Float Sneak Peek

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