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Meet Our People

Name: Mark
Position: Warehouse Supervisor
Years of Rain Bird Service: 2
Rain Bird Location: Calera, AL
Education: BS Finance - Auburn University; MBA - Oklahoma City University                   

Why work at Rain Bird?
I value working for a major corporation with proven success. Rain Bird continues to be the global leader in irrigation and shows no signs of relinquishing the position. Rain Bird invented the first impact sprinkler and places a lot of research and development efforts to maintain a technological and quality edge. Rain Bird’s mission of “promoting the intelligent use of water” is in line with increasing global demands to save and protect our environment.

I enjoy working for a company that allows autonomy in accomplishing goals. I believe trusting frontline employees with decisions and appreciating their input is important for success. This has allowed me to be more open with personal input and partnering with others across the company when researching potential improvements.

How has working for Rain Bird benefited your career growth?
Working for Rain Bird at a remote location has allowed me to expand my knowledge of human resources, payroll practices, contracting, and other business areas not normally enjoyed by supervisors. This experience has allowed me to feel somewhat of an entrepreneur spirit toward the business. The gained knowledge has also enhanced cross-company and department communication skills.

What are the most important traits to be successful at Rain Bird?
I believe honesty and competence are highly valued at Rain Bird. Rain Bird desires individuals that follow through on their commitments and have the education or intelligence to do so. In addition, I believe a positive attitude that contributes to a desired corporate culture is a strong characteristic.

What are your future goals at Rain Bird?
I want to continually prepare myself for the next management level. This may require stepping out of the routine comfort zone to gain knowledge in areas not normally required of supervisors and partnering with employees throughout the corporation.

What are your top areas of responsibilities or key activities for your current role?

  1. Leading all daily shift distribution shipping/receiving activities.
  2. Ensuring quality, safety, productivity expectations are met.
  3. Inventory control.
  4. Training and qualifications of employees.
  5. Managing shift Human Resource activities (payroll, conflict management, corrective actions, etc).

Past work experience:
Target Corporation Distribution Group Leader
U.S. Navy  Naval Flight Officer