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Meet Our People

Name: Eugene
Position: Project Engineer
Years of Rain Bird Service: 1
Rain Bird Location: Azusa, CA
Education: BSME, MSME University of Texas at Austin

Why work at Rain Bird?
Rain Bird’s commitment to quality in its people and products is what I like about the company. It is a company that enriches people’s lives by providing irrigation products that help grow food and maintain healthy landscapes. All this, while preserving one of our most precious natural resources - water. This is why I work at Rain Bird.

How has working for Rain Bird benefited your career growth?  
Rain Bird has given me opportunities to broaden my professional skills with assignments that require technical creativity, interpersonal skills, and increased responsibility.

What are the most important traits to be successful at Rain Bird?
In no particular order: being smart, friendly, and on time.

What are your future goals at Rain Bird?
In the following order… Senior Project Engineer, Quality and Operations Manager, Director, Vice President, and President

Past work experience:
Unitech Mold Company: Manufacturing engineer, General Manager