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Meet Our People

Name: Donn
Position: Sales Manager
Years of Rain Bird Service: 12
Rain Bird Location: Tucson, AZ
Education: BFA, Ball State University                

What do you like about Rain Bird? Why work at Rain Bird?
I enjoy the entrepreneurial atmosphere expected and encouraged within the sales force positions. Rain Bird is a manufacturer known for its high quality products and as such the brand is strong within the irrigation community.

How has working for Rain Bird benefited your career growth?
I have had the fortunate opportunity to step into roles of increasing responsibility. I entered Rain Bird at an entry level sales position and have grown to a National Sales Manager level. Each of the roles has enabled me to develop and refine skill sets above and beyond the previous role.

What are the most important traits to be successful at Rain Bird?
Rain Bird is filled with intelligent people. However, beyond intelligence it takes drive and passion to be successful at Rain Bird. You must be a solution provider with an entrepreneurial spirit.

What are your future goals at Rain Bird?
I enjoy the fact that as opportunities evolve I will assess the potential to step into roles enabling to grow in new skill sets and responsibilities.  

Career Path at Rain Bird:

  • National Sales Manager
  • Regional Manager
  • Distributor Manager
  • Contractor Account Manager

What are your top areas of responsibilities or key activities for your current role?

  • Strategic planning for key product sales initiatives 
  • Management of a sales team
  • Implementation of strategic marketing
  • Analysis of competitive product sales and positioning
  • Development of customer relationships

Past work experience:

  • Everett I. Brown Architects and Engineers- Senior Designer
  • Rayne Irrigation- Owner