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Meet Our People

Name: Brian
Position: Project Leader, New Product Development
Years of Rain Bird Service: 6
Rain Bird Location: Tucson, AZ
Education: BS Mechanical Engineering – UC San Diego; MBA – University of Arizona                   

Why work at Rain Bird?
I like the products that we design and manufacture and the irrigation industry that we serve. Our emphasis on water conserving products also helps to solve the world’s water problems.

Controlling water flow and its delivery is very challenging from an engineering perspective, so the work is never boring. We use computation fluid dynamics and structural analysis to solve these problems, which can be very fun.

Additionally, the scale of the products and projects at Rain Bird allows each individual to make a large impact.

I like that Rain Bird supports and emphasizes continuing education and personal growth.

How has working for Rain Bird benefited your career growth?
I have moved up in the engineering organization, and more importantly I have learned much along the way. Rain Bird helped me achieve an MBA through evening classes at the University of Arizona. Also continuing education is offered every year to help with specialized tasks or software. 

Although I have been in engineering my entire career, I recently expressed interest in learning and performing some marketing functions. I was offered the opportunity to lead a new product development project while continuing some of my engineering design responsibilities. This was enabled by creating a new job title for me with added marketing duties according to my interests.

What are the most important traits to be successful at Rain Bird?
Successful people at Rain Bird are highly motivated and can make decisions. They take action and can communicate clearly and persuasively. A passion for learning and improving yourself is also very useful.

What are your future goals at Rain Bird?
I would like to try product management or engineering management next.

Career Path at Rain Bird:

  • Project Leader, New Product Development (current)
  • Senior Project Engineer
  • Project Engineer

What are your top areas of responsibilities or key activities for your current role?

  1. Make key decisions in the implementation of a new product development project.
  2. Track critical project tasks to stay on schedule and within budget.
  3. Perform market research studies to define key project objectives.
  4. Engineering analysis and design of components and assemblies.
  5. Report key project deliverables verbally and in writing to upper management.

Past work experience:
Newell Rubbermaid – Senior Design Engineer
Pioneer Electronics – Design engineer