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Introducing the new Rain Bird® TBOS-II.
Commercial-level Control for battery-operated systems.

The Rain Bird TBOS-II is a line of battery operated controllers that allow irrigation in challenging areas where AC power isn’t available or economical at the valve location. Other situations include temporary control before power is available, adding a new valve to a location that is out of control wire, and installation sites where a standard controller could be damaged by vandalism or flooding. With seven advanced programming features, the TBOS-II™ cuts setup time and eliminates repeat trips to the controller, resulting in water-efficient programs and lower operating expenses.

Key Features:

  • New Advanced Water Management features such as:
    • Seasonal Adjust that automatically adjusts run times for each month.
    • Master Valve provides support for stations that require a backup to minimize water leaks or need extra water pressure.
  • New Time Saving Programming functions such as:
    • Tests all Valves automatically tests if the system is correctly programmed and wired.
    • Save common water-efficient programs as a program template that can be transferred to other controllers.
    • Contractor Default™ will automatically default to a standard program after grow-in.

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