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Rain Bird® R-VAN -- the world's first hand-adjustable variable arc rotary nozzle.

Rain Bird R-VAN and R-Series multi-stream rotating nozzles

We’ve combined the efficiency of rotary nozzles and the versatility of variable arc nozzles into the perfect package. Plus, the R-VAN is the world’s first hand adjustable rotary nozzle—there’s no tool required. Installing irrigation systems is hard work, but the RVAN’s tool-free adjustment makes the process a little easier.

Product overview
The R-VAN product line currently includes three color-coded models, along with two full circle pattern nozzles. The R-VAN arcs are adjustable from 45 to 270 degrees and come with a three-year trade warranty.

  • R-VAN14. Featuring a light blue rotary deflector and a radius of 8' to 14'.
  • R-VAN 18. Featuring a tan rotary deflector and a radius of 13’-18’.
  • R-VAN 1724. Featuring a yellow rotary deflector and a radius of 17’-24’.

R-VANs feature a low precipitation rate and a high level of distribution uniformity. Matched precipitation rates across radii and arcs further simplify the design process. Installing with Rain Bird® 5000 series rotor matched precipitation rate (MPR) nozzles allows for MPR irrigation designs from 13’ to 35’.

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