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PC Series and Lady Bug Series Emitters

On-line Drip Emitters for Agricultural Irrigation

For superior flow uniformity over a wide range of operating pressures, pressure compensating PC emitters are an excellent choice. PC emitters are ideal for demanding applications such as uneven terrain and long lateral lines. The PC emitter is capable of operating at lower pressures, reducing pumping costs and providing energy savings.

The pressure-compensating diaphragm delivers constant flow at varying pressures. PC emitters feature pressure compensating elastomer diaphragms (patented) and unique turbulent-flow path design that enables the emitters to flush out debris each time the system is activated. A color-coded inlet barb identifies flow rate. PC emitters are manufactured with engineering grade plastic to withstand the effects of ultraviolet rays.

In applications where water pressure variations are not a significant factor, the Lady Bug non pressure compensating emitter is an excellent choice. The tortuous path of the Lady Bug design allows particles to be kept in suspension during normal operation which makes the emitter more resistant to plugging.


Pressure compensating

  • Provides rated flow regardless of pressure
  • Ideal for undulating terrain or systems with a large variation in pressure

Turbulent flow path

  • Three dimensional geometry to keep grit in suspension as it moves through the emitter
  • Emitter body and inlet made of materials to withstand chemical and U-V degradation
  • No squirting – puts water at the desired spot

Silicone diaphragm

  • Best material for long-term exposure to ag chemicals


  • Compact design for low cost

Self-piercing inlet - standard

  • One-step installation saves labor cost

Barbed outlet – standard

  • Add "spaghetti" tubing to direct water for maximum accuracy

The Lady Bug brings value and economy to low volume irrigation. The emitter is designed to provide savings not only at the initial time of purchase, but also over the entire operating life of the system. The clog-resistant feature reduces overall system maintenance, and results in lower operating costs. The Lady Bug emitter is an ideal choice for a variety of agricultural, landscape, nursery, greenhouse, and turf applications.

Flow Rate (GPH) Type Inlet Type Part Number
0.5 Pressure Compensating Self-Piercing A118410
1.0 Pressure Compensating Self-Piercing A118411
2.0 Pressure Compensating Self-Piercing A118412
0.5 Non-Pressure Compensating Self-Piercing A77322
1.0 Non-Pressure Compensating Self-Piercing A77324
2.0 Non-Pressure Compensating Self-Piercing A77328