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ClimateMinder Wireless 8-Way Controller

ClimateMinder wireless 8-way controller lets you control your irrigation pump, valves and fertilizer injectors from your phone, computer or tablet. Each controller includes 8 relay output for control and a ranch network may include virtually unlimited number of controllers, all talking to each other through ClimateMinder’s self-healing and self-configuring mesh networking technology.

ClimateMinder’s control features include:

  • Completely web-based with adaptive mobile interface supported by iPhone, iPad and Android phones/tablets.
  • Manual control with or without time limit through the web-based mobile or PC software.
  • Control conditions based on time constraints (e.g. day and time frames for execution) and/or threshold constraints (e.g. soil moisture readings).
  • Control conditions defined and monitored through the web software, but also stored locally on the controller for uninterrupted operation.
  • Log of activities stored on the web for complete visibility.
  • Role based access for manual control with complete trace of executed commands.
  • Pressure switch activity alerts via phone calls or text messages for real-time problem identification.
  • Notifications and alerts for manual control commands and condition setup operations.


  • Power Supply
    • 110V AC to 24V DC
    • 240V available upon request
  • Valves Controlled
    • Up to 8 Valves
  • Control Conditions
    • Up to 16 time conditions
  • Pump Start/Stop
    • Manually remotely or based on time schedule automatically.
  • Pulse Irrigations
    • Support for cycle and soak method allowing pulse irrigation.
  • Communications
    • Built-in 2.4GHz radio for communication with ClimateMinder gateway and sensing stations.
  • Relays
    • (8) 10A 250VAC power relays
  • Backup Battery