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ClimateMinderâ„¢ Web Software

ClimateMinder Web Software is a secure web server where all data resides and operations are controlled. It has a dashboard for quick access to critical information and a map-view for users with large number of ranches and stations. The ClimateMinder Web Software provides rich set of features and flexibility while staying user-friendly.

  • Core of ClimateMinder’s intelligence and enables the system’s flexibility.
  • Provides the browser-based software that runs on your PC or phone, allowing you to access and control the ClimateMinder system.
  • Dashboard enables quick data access, an aerial site map showing all stations, an online notepad for record tracking, advanced graphing and reporting capabilities, and more.
  • Reliable, easily accessible and frequently backed up, ensuring peace of mind.
  • Data can be instantly exported to spreadsheets.
  • System software updates are seamless, without any service interruption.

Key software features include:

  • Soil condition, irrigation and climate monitoring
  • Irrigation control
  • Pest & disease management
  • Degree day, chill hours and heat hours calculations
  • Local ET calculations
  • Advanced charts & automated PDF reports
  • Climate, irrigation and data alerts through text messages, phone call and email
  • Applied water tracking and recording
  • ET-based weekly irrigation estimator
  • Flexible user accounts, roles and access rights
  • Comprehensive administrative tools for re-sellers