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ClimateMinder Technology

ClimateMinder battery/solar-operated wireless sensors collect real-time soil and weather data and relay this information directly to our Web Server through a cellular network. Users can access the website from any internet-enabled device to check measurements, set alert and control conditions, or setup custom reports that can be automatically updated and e-mailed on a daily basis. Users can choose to receive alerts via text message, e-mail or phone calls on their mobile phones.
The ClimateMinder solution consists of three parts:

  • ClimateMinder Wireless Network
  • ClimateMinder Mobile Software
  • ClimateMinder Web Server

ClimateMinderâ„¢ Stations & Wireless Network
The ClimateMinder Wireless Network is a patented technology system enabling field sensors and controls to work together seamlessly. It includes a self-adjusting wireless network of nodes (with sensors or controls that can be attached to each node) and a wireless cellular gateway that communicates with the ClimateMinder Web Server. ClimateMinder Wireless Network provides the flexibility growers need.

  • Wireless, so you don’t need to maintain a PC in field facilities or run wires between sensor or controller nodes.
  • Self-organizing wireless network that provides maximum versatility, reliability and cost effectiveness, so you don’t need to manage the network or spend a fortune on expensive weather stations.
  • Battery and solar-powered, and optimized for low-power operation.
  • Connected to the Internet via a wireless data connection, just like your mobile phone.

Each network node is able to communicate wirelessly with other nodes. There are sensor nodes for monitoring important conditions like temperature, humidity, soil moisture, solar radiation and leaf wetness, and relay controls for managing your irrigation. Each node is capable of operating up to eight sensor probes or up to eight relays. Click below for more information.