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ClimateMinderâ„¢ Mobile Software

ClimateMinder provides remote access to and control of the system from any web enabled mobile phone or tablet, including: iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry devices. Growers can use this software to check and set ClimateMinder from any location with wireless connectivity.

The sensors are capturing data you want to see and understand. ClimateMinderâ„¢ Mobile Software lets you view whatever data you’re interested in seeing. You can view sensor data and generate reports of historical data.

ClimateMinderâ„¢ Mobile Software provides an easy-to-use interface to turn on/off your pumps and irrigation valves and create schedules remotely. It lets you view the status of your controllers, manage the control conditions (enter, update, delete), and manually send control commands.


Alerts are phone calls or messages that update you on soil conditions, climate variables, irrigation stops/starts or missing data (if sensors cannot send data). They can be sent to you via email and/or text message as well as an automated phone call. You can easily view the alert logs, and manage alert conditions (view, add, change, delete, enable and disable).