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ClimateMinder Applications


Soil Profiling

To maintain crop health and minimize costs, growers must constantly monitor the concentrations of water and salt at various depths in their fields. Because of the high cost of water, growers try to keep irrigation to the minimum required for maintaining a healthy crop.

Too little or too much water can damage crops and decrease yield and quality. Automating soil profiling takes the guesswork out of irrigation. ClimateMinder constantly measures water and salt concentration at various depths, capturing and charting trends over time, and sending instant alerts whenever conditions warrant. This process helps precisely regulate water and salt saturation at all depths.

Microclimate Measurements

Accurate weather data is indispensable for growers. Some rely on reports produced by CIMIS, but these may not reflect the exact climate conditions in their fields. It might be raining at the CIMIS weather stations, but not in their fields, which may be at higher or lower elevations, and thus experiencing harmful conditions such as frost or excessive sun and heat.

Meanwhile, separate microclimate zones within one field can cause significant temperature variations. Different soil types and irrigation zones may also make it necessary to sample soil conditions at several locations. ClimateMinder makes the placement of multiple sensors throughout the field affordable, thanks to its wireless technology.

Frost Alerting

The Rain Bird® ClimateMinder System allows you to get updates every 15 minutes on current fi­eld conditions. It offers a wide range of alerting tools for many things, including frost alerting. Alerts can be confi­gured to be delivered by e-mail, text or phone call. These can be customized by the user they go to, allowing a manager to get an e-mail reporting alert conditions and an irrigation manager to get a phone call notifying them of a need for action.

You may want an alert to tell you when your temperature falls below a level, when your irrigation started or stopped on a block, a site has stopped communicating for some reason, or many other things. The ClimateMinder System offers some of most advanced alerting tools available.

ClimateMinder Lets You Create Alerts For:

  • Reading Alert
  • Missing Data
  • Irrigation Start/Stop
  • Conditional Alerts
  • Timed Alerts

Pest & Disease Risk Monitoring

Unique combinations of temperature, humidity and other environmental factors can help cultivate crop diseases. Powdery mildew, for instance, can form on fruit at certain temperatures and humidity levels. Automated monitoring of specific conditions can alert growers of the need for action.

Here are some of the models that are supported by the ClimateMinder system:

  • Almonds
    • Pest
      • Peach Twig Borer
      • Navel Orangeworm New Almonds
      • Navel Orangeworm Mummy Almonds
  • Grapes
    • Disease
      • Powdery Mildew
      • Botrytis Fruit Rot
  • Strawberries
    • Pest
      • Western Flower Thrips
      • Twospotted spider mite
      • Lygus Bug
      • Beet Armyworm
    • Disease
      • Powdery Mildew
      • Botrytis Fruit Rot
  • Raspberries
    • Disease
      • Botrytis Fruit Rot
  • Artichokes
    • Pest
      • Artichoke Plume Moth

Irrigation Control

Rain Bird ClimateMinder system lets you control your irrigation pump, valves and fertilizer injectors from your phone, computer or tablet. The control software is completely web-based with adaptive mobile interface supported by iPhone, iPad and Android phones/tablets.