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PureSense Conversion to Rain Bird® ClimateMinder™

Simple & Cost-effective PureSense Weather Station Conversion Options

Convert from PureSense to Rain Bird ClimateMinder for advanced crop and soil monitoring and control

ClimateMinder comprehensive dashboard and map view on iPadRain Bird offers cost-effective and flexible options for growers to convert their existing PureSense stations to Rain Bird ClimateMinder, allowing you to protect the majority of your investment and quickly start using the simplest yet most advanced monitoring and control system in the industry. These conversion kits allow you to reuse costly components such as soil moisture probes, while reducing annual subscription fees dramatically through the use of Rain Bird's patented mesh networking technology.

With Rain Bird’s strong brand and reputation for building high quality, efficient irrigation products, and its 80+ year commitment to the agricultural market and innovative products like ClimateMinder, you can rest assured about the future of your investments.

By purchasing one of the following simple conversion kits from your local reseller, you can start receiving soil and weather data from the best-in-class ClimateMinder software within minutes:

  • ClimateMinder cellular and wireless mesh stationsCMGW3TR – Soil Gateway Conversion Telemetry Unit
  • CMGW3TRW – Weather Gateway Conversion Telemetry Unit
  • CMSN3TR – Wireless Station Conversion Telemetry Unit

5 Easy Steps to Convert

  1. Preliminary Assessment: Contact us with the number of your sites and their locations. Our experienced staff will let you know where you can utilize Rain Bird’s patented mesh networking technology to save on conversion hardware costs and annual subscription fees.
  2. Reseller Assignment: Depending on your location and needs, we’ll recommend the most suitable ClimateMinder authorized reseller(s) to you.
  3. Site Visit/Survey: A certified ClimateMinder technician and/or reseller sales rep will perform a site visit and/or survey to fine tune the conversion system details to meet your needs.
  4. Proposal: Your authorized reseller will provide you with an itemized conversion cost proposal.
  5. Installation & Training: Following your approval of the proposal, certified technician(s) from the authorized reseller will replace the PureSense electronics with brand new Rain Bird ClimateMinder conversion parts. They will then train you on the software and help you set up your charts, alerts and reports.

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