When the pressure's on, save water and money with Rain Bird PRS rotors and sprays.

Rain Bird 5000 PRS Rotors

  • Rain Bird is the exclusive manufacturer of PRS rotors.
  • By reducing pressure and optimizing flow, PRS minimizes the wear and tear placed on components, ensuring reliability and extending system life.
  • The unique PRS debris shield prevents component damage caused by grit and contaminants.

Visit the 5000 PRS Rotor product page for literature, specifications and performance data.



Rain Bird 1800 PRS and RD1800 PRS Sprays

  • Rain Bird was the first irrigation manufacturer to patent PRS sprays.
  • Unlike competitive PRS sprays, Rain Bird PRS Sprays adjust to fluctuating pressure, optimizing flow and promoting a more consistent spray pattern.
  • Select versions of the 1800 maintain operating pressures of 45 psi to maximize Rotary Nozzle efficiency
  • Visit the 1800 PRS Spray or RD1800 PRS Spray page for literature, specifications and performance data.