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Advanced ET Software Feature Pack

Only water when needed.

With ET Management, your irrigation control system only allows watering when the landscape requires it. Combine the IQ™ v2.0 Advanced ET Feature Pack with a weather data source to maximize water efficiency through real-time, weather-based adjustments to your IQ v2.0 Central Control irrigation programs.

  • Collect weather data from a weather source and calculate ET rates.

  • Calculate base station run times with the Station Runtime Calculator.

  • Automatically adjust calculated base station run times and program day cycles using the ET Checkbook.

  • Send adjusted station run times and program day cycles to IQ v2.0 Satellites.

ET Manager

Make your central control system weather-smart. Collecting real-time weather data from local precision weather stations, the ET Manager allows IQ to adjust watering schedules to save 30-50% of water usage This easy-to-use tool can be located at your central computer terminal. Learn more about the ET Manager.

Weather Stations

Rain Bird Weather Stations collect and store weather data from field locations, allowing the IQ™ v2.0 Central Control System to adjust station runtimes according to each day’s ET (evapotranspiration) and rainfall. Learn more about the rugged, feature-robust WS-PRO2 Weather Station. Learn more about the affordable WS-PRO LT Weather Station.


IQ™ v2.0 Central Control Brochure
See how dynamic, easy-to-use IQ™ v2.0 Central Control adapts to meet your changing irrigation needs.

ET Manager Specification Guide
Consult this comprehensive guide for help specifying the ET Manager, ET Manager Cartridge and other weather-based water management tools.

ExactET Case Study
Learn how Rain Bird® ET Management helped ExactET, a Canada-based water manager, save its customers thousands.

ET Manager Software & Accessories
Discover how the ET Manager™ Scheduler (free with the ET Manager), along with a host of weather-based accessories, can help you unlock the full potential of this powerful tool.

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