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ESP-LX Series Advantage

Exactly what you want. Only what you need.

Design and build the irrigation control system you want using only the components you need. ESP-LX Series Controllers featuring IQ™ v2.0 Central Control combine modularity with advanced water management and Extra Simple Programming. For you, that means more time, money and water saved. Choose from the traditionally wired ESP-LXME Controller or the two-wire, decoder-based ESP-LXD Controller. Both controllers are compatible with IQ v2.0 Central Control System.

Intuitive Operation
The ESP-LXD and ESP-LXME each feature Extra Simple Programming. From the large LCD display to the simple-to-use dial to easy-to-follow prompts, both controllers are designed to help cut installation expenses and troubleshooting time. Thanks to a shared user interface, if you know how to program the ESP-LXD or ESP-LXME, you already know how to program its counterpart.

Unprecedented Flexibility
Modular designs make the ESP-LXD and ESP-LXME perfect for a range of large residential and commercial projects—from the straightforward to the most complex. Choose from a variety of station counts, accessories and optional features, only paying for what you need now—with the option of adding more in the future. Many of the same optional components can be used to upgrade both controllers, so you can also stock fewer parts.

Advanced Features
In addition to time- and water-saving standard features like Cycle+Soak™ and Contractor Default Program™, the ESP-LXD and ESP-LXME offer an easy upgrade path to advanced features. Adding an ET Manager™ Cartridge converts an ESP-LX Series Controller into a Smart Controller. Or, to add Flow Sensing to the ESP-LXME, snap the Flow Smart Module into place. With the ESP-LX Series, it’s just that simple.

Powerful Central Control
Ready to step up to the next level of single or multi-site control? Easily add central control to your ESP-LX Series controller using the NCC Communications Cartridge and IQ v2.0 Software. With standard 5- satellite control, IQ v2.0 gives you the flexibility to add up to 250 satellites. You also enjoy access to a full range of powerful features from the water savings of Advanced ET to the peace of mind of Advanced Flow Sensing. Like the rest of the ESP-LX Series, IQ v2.0 is fully scaleable and upgradeable, so you only pay for the features you need now—with the ability to add more as your needs change.

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